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Evolution of Glasswall: Past, Present, & Future

Evolution of Glasswall: Past, Present, & Future

At Glasswall, we have a shared passion for helping to protect businesses against the most advanced file-based threats. It’s what’s driven us over the years, from when we began developing our cybersecurity technology in 2010 to a decade later having launched our suite...

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Beyond Time Management: Focus

Beyond Time Management: Focus

In this blog post series, we will look into the aspects of work that go beyond time management.  ----- You sit down for what you hope will be an uninterrupted work session only to find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of thoughts. Did the other person think I acted...

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We believe people should be free to open their files without fear. Glasswall CDR takes a proactive approach to automatically remove all Zero-day threats from files, without sacrificing productivity.

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Reactive cybersecurity is failing - it’s time for a better way. Traditional detection-based security methods play catch up with new threats. Find out how your organization can take a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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Offer a richer security portfolio with the most agile CDR platform on the market. Stand out from the competition with a partner program built for you. Let’s make files safer together.

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We believe people should be free to open their files without fear. To click on anything without risk of catastrophe. To use systems the way they were meant to be used. That’s why we’re raising the bar on file security at Glasswall.